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Development Team - Saturday, January 02, 2016

"For ordinary people to do extraordinary things A SYSTEM IS NEEDED to compensate for the disparity between the skills your people have and the skills needed to produce the result"
-- Michael Gerber

Tools tell the story...and its our stories that makes the business.


Are you a business builder? Do you like cold market advertising? Here are some powerful taglines and ads. - Ad Samples - headers
  • Starving for 6 fig. income!
  • Retire rich not old!
  • $150k+
  • Winning in a home based business!
  • From Zero to Million $ in a home based business!
  • Millionaire minded?
  • Answer to your prayers!
  • No boss, no commuting!
  • Never worry about money ever again!
  • Earn $1000 a few times a day!
  • $$ DESIRE $$
  • A ticket to early retirement!
  • Financial Freedom!
  • Are you making what you're worth?
  • Tired of getting by?
  • Want to make a jump from $50K to $250K a yr?
  • Are you ready for success?
  • 10 days to a $1000 profit a day!
  • Stay at home and quadruple your income.
  • A Year in personal income EVERY MONTH!
  • 200K-250K a year!
  • 0-5K/wk!
  • Would you like a new career?
  • Financially free in FIVE years or less!
  • Suddenly in control. $20K/month!
  • Over 40 and burned out?!
  • A Sales Pro's Dream
  • $50,000 A Month Potential
  • #1 Unique Opportunity!
  • $34,000 in 3 Wks!
  • A Cash Machine!
  • Need Cash Now?
  • A wealth vehicle.
  • Serious about making money?
  • Fast Money!
  • The lazy man's way to riches.
  • Get out of debt in one yr or less!
  • Is your life-long goal to retire at your current job?
  • How to make a fortune as an information broker?
  • MAXIMIZE your cash-flow!
  • Would you like a new career?
  • The Five Percent Club!
  • Financially challenged?
  • Have you made good money recently? Would you like to?
  • 10K/m your second month!
  • Earn $1000/day from the kitchen table!
  • Frightened of being successful? Let me scare you to death!
  • Short cut to success.
  • A Perfect business!

Ad Samples - Body

Review the header and body samples and combine and create an ad that best suits your personality. The ad that you would respond to. That way you'll attract the like-minded people. If an ad is not pulling enough leads per day, change the wording immediately. -
A1. 200K+/Yr from home. Sales. Internet based. Support and training. $2000 start up cost. Call: 800 -
An Immediate Income Potential!!! Looking for hungry, sincere and very serious people. Formula for Massive Success! Call:800 559-9999800 559-9999 -
Sales/marketing professional wanted! Commission. Support. Work from home. -
Finish the job in 3 yrs or less being self employed, working from the comfort of your home. -
Ambitious, entrepreneurial. Home based, Dir. Markt. opty. 6 figs. Support and guidance. -
10 days to $1000 a day! Make your current day-to-day expenses tax deductible! -
Stay at home and earn more. An income minded at-home marketers who want to make the jump to 250K-$500K a year in personal income. -
An Executive opportunity to create wealth. 0-5K/wk" Turnkey. Endless support. -
A BUSINESS CRAFTED FOR simplicity and profit. $100k-$250k Yearly Potential! An income minded at-home marketers who want to make the jump to $250K-$500K -
Do you want to make six figures again? We can help. Would a 10K the first month be a good start? Home based. Call now! -
Change your life now. Earn $4K-5K part time/month Let me show you how! 1 Min Msg / 24 hrs Call (Your 800# Here) -
Earn $4K-5K part time/month Let me show you how! 2 Min Msg / 24 hrs Call (Your 800# Here); -
Incredible results with drive and enthusiasm. I'll coach you to success. I refuse to let you fail! 2 Min Msg / 24 hrs Call (Your 800# Here) -
Serious, not curious. Self-starter. Earn $4K/mo part time. (Your 800# Here) 24 hrs Call -

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